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Luke Granger Photography - Luke Granger - Gravesend, Kent - Instagram | Website  - I specialise in property, architecture photography/video and weddings. My background is photography and I'm a specialist in congested areas.

ElementalUAV - Garry Bell - Newcastle - Website | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Trustpilot Reviews - Only part time at the minute but looking to move into things full time, so if you have any overflow work that you can’t handle, please pass it my way 👍

Hawkeye Aerial - YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google | Website | Trustpilot Reviews

Michael Lazenby - YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn

Simply GreatShots - YouTube | Instagram

UK Drone Imagery - Iain Booth - North LincolnshireYouTube - I am based in North Lincolnshire, roof inspections (domestic/commercial), property sales, construction projects and when I'm not flying for my business I promote the local farmers through my YouTube channel UK Drone Imagery. I have just taken on my first white label contract (6-8 months work) and very willing to take on more.

Close Hauled - YouTube

Tom Williams - YouTube

Sky Shark Media - YouTube | Instagram

Drone Works NortheastMark Ainsley - NewcastleYouTube | Instagram | Google - Hi, we are very new to this, based in Newcastle. Started in 2019 and have done a variety of jobs including roof inspections, large commercial building aerial photography for sales and a few flights capturing footage for local businesses for there social media and some weddings. Still finding our feet haha.
Always looking to improve and learn in this industry.

Paul Blundell - Instagram

Droneski Imaging - Paul Brown - OxfordshireInstagram | Facebook | Website - Based in Oxfordshire and have a M2ED, mainly do landscape photography but can do roof inspections and thermal work. Only part time at moment but work in the transport trade for my full time job. My website is and FB/ instragram is droneskiimaging

Maritime Filming UKAlex Anderson - Instagram - we are specialists in filming over water and at sea! If you don't want to risk your drone going in the drink and loosing all the footage Infront of a client you can whitelabel to us! Complely unbranded ;)

Shropshire Air Pix - FacebookInstagram | Twitter

Martin Slater Photography - Instagram

Steve Peters - Instagram | Website | Facebook | Trustpilot Reviews

UK Air Media - Instagram

MoAndKay Drone Photography - Abdul Muhith - East LondonDrone Instagram Travel Instagram | Twitter | YouTube - I'm Mo, based in East London.
Pfco for 3 years, flying for more than 5. Specialists in resort, travel and wildlife drone video/photography. Can do weddings, events, landscape, buildings, boats etc.

Sky High Footage - Instagram

JGEPhotography - Instagram

Hydra Films - Instagram

Aerial View Solutions - Instagram

Visual Unusual - Instagram

Bears Eye View - Instagram

Keanu Drone - Instagram

High Scope Drones - Instagram

Neill Berning-Pollard - Instagram | YouTube | Linkedin

Mr Smith Aerial - Instagram

Spizz Media - Instagram

Global Drone Surveys & Media - Instagram

Helipov - Instagram

Cinematic Sky - Instagram

Simon Logan Photography - Instagram

Woody's Photography - Instagram

In Awe Digital Media - Instagram

Colin De Fraine - Instagram

Christopher Fenton - Instagram

360 Drone Media - Instagram

Buzz Drones - Instagram

Nicolae Constantin - Instagram

Nicholas E Jones - Instagram

L.I.S. Aerial Photography - Instagram

Blue Sky Imagery - Instagram

FlyHigh Aerial Imaging - Instagram

Blue Van Media - Instagram

Earth & Sky Media - Instagram

Borders Aerial Photography - Mark Field - Scottish Borders - WebsiteInstagram  - I'm Mark. My wife and i run Borders Aerial Photography. Weddings, Estate agancy, surveying, Power Networks inspections, providing still photography and video files for TV, Insurance inspections etc. Mavic Enterprise with thermal, Phantom4 pro, Inspire 2 with X5s camera. Canon pro DSLR with L lenses, Gopro 7 black and extandable rods

Andrew Martinez - Instagram - I'm an aspiring photographer using both a dji mavic drone and a canon 2000d camera. Looking to turn my hobbie into a profession in 2020. Youtube page is under construction and I'd like to thank you for taking the time for looking at my pages.

InverAir Drone Services - Instagram

On The Wing UAV - Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

TDW Aerial Solutions - Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Trustpilot Reviews

Josh Sandy - Instagram

Drone Motion - Website | Trustpilot Reviews

JDMEDIAFILM - John Davies - North Wales - Website - Will Travel

Michael Westcott Films - Michael Westcott - Southampton - Website - I mainly specialise in weddings and use the mavic 2 pro to add to the films should the client want to add that on. I am working Part time for a video production company in Southampton and also part time for my own business. Happy to assist other pilots in the area if needed! Loved Luke’s course and that boosted my confidence flying and assisting others a lot!

Raven DroneWorks - North West - Website

Drone Imagery - Paul Mindy - Norfolk - Website - atti mode, lots of inspection, night, indoors, landscape, wedding, land or air based in Norfolk

Mikey McManus - Dunfermline, Scotland - Website - I'm cinematographer, cameraman, producer. I make documentaries, short films, brand ads, wedding films and have a solid working relationship within TV and film. I'm Scottish based, in Dunfermline.

Drone Motion - Matthew Beasley - Reading & Oxford - Website - Drone Motion based in Reading & Oxford. Started 2-3 years ago by making music videos and now into a fully functional drone filming business!

DGTL - Tom Clare - Nottingham - Website -  I'm based in Nottingham. The company I work for specialises in complex and difficult filming projects, particularly abroad and in difficult environments. We specialise in snow and water, with staff who have a huge amount of experience in both arenas. We also specialise in custom solutions - we have our own custom heavy lift cable cam amongst other capabilities. We also seem to have ended up filming a lot of festivals and major music events - from Ed Sheeran's final % concerts through to winter festivals in the alps!

SGEyeUK - Steven Green - Northwest - Website - based in the northwest. Firefighter by trade but always looking to expand. Currently offer property photography, surveys (with GCP recording) composite images.

Hovershotz - Andy Wills - Cumbria - Website - I’m based in Cumbria and specialise in working with film crews wanting drone filming in the Lake District. I know most of major landowners (National Park, National Trust, United Utilities etc) and can help with permissions. Also, experienced in working alongside the RAF and agencies that fly low in the Lakes. I know the Lake District well and happy to hike to the best location.Recently been doing lots of roof surveys. Happy to white label.

Creative Sky - Darrell Mills - Gravesend, Kent - Website - Specialise in Central London for Videography and Photography.

Skylark Aerial Imaging - Fergus Kennedy - East Sussex - Website - I’m based in East Sussex and work throughout UK and abroad. Over 5 years drone experience. Wide variety of credits from prime time TV for BBC, ITV Drama, Channel 4. TV & web commercials. 3D mapping for scientific work, property photography. Fly a wide range of drones- Mavic, Inspire 2, and heavy lift DJI M600. Have worked with cinema cameras eg Alexa Mini.

High Flying Drone Shots - Paul Marriot - Website

David Redpath - Edinburgh - Facebook - Based near Edinburgh, fly Mavic 2 mostly for small jobs (weekly), now hire in DJI Inspire/Matrice for production work (monthly). Focused on custom work these days mainly flying FLIR and Sentera for Academic projects on custom frames. Doing more in the way of bespoke aircraft and image processing and classification for firms. I can process with Pix4D for prosumer survey applications. Hire in for more precise 3D modelling. In summary we cover photography and video ground and air, multispectral and thermal imaging.

UAV Surveys - Gareth Rees - South Wales & Oxfordshire - Website - Based in South Wales and Oxfordshire. Specialising in Ground survey , 3D mapping and construction portfolio management.

FlyThru - Benji Bishop - Website - We deal mostly with LiDAR and photogrammetry. But I'm currently working my way through tagging 400GB of images captured over the weekend with PPK coordinates. :D

Air Fusion - Gregor Young - Website | Instagram | Showreel - I operate Air Fusion Media, conducting aerial (close range flying), ground filming and editing services within the creative industry operating throughout the U.K. and globally. Most of my work is via PR Agencies for large brands including Speedo, Icebreaker, Canterbury and Victoria Secret. I offer freelance/white label services to production companies or other drone operators who need an extra pair of hands on set whether its flying or camera operating.
I’m fully certified for Offshore oil and gas operations and very used to working in tough remote locations.

Photo Elevate - David Howlett - Essex - Website - Established in 2005 Photo Elevate is based in Essex. Covering all aspects of aerial photography. PfCO holder for 5 years. Also have extensive selection of telescopic mast systems for use where drone flying is not safe or illegal. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Sky High Footage - Dave Gardner - Manchester - Website - Based in Manchester specialising in promotional videos and indoor flight.

Beacon Heights - Chris Chubb - Midlands - Website - Beacon Heights Digital Midlands based, PfCO holder, M2P. Creative photography and videography, roof inspections, marketing materials.

Sea Lane Media - Martin Freeman - Lincolnshire - Website - Sea Lane Media Ltd. Lincolnshire based Aerial Photography and Videography company. Happy to work with other operators, White Label, or spotting duties.

Hurricane Drones - Matthew Williams - Liverpool - Facebook - Hurricane Drones. We specialise is proximity flying at faster paces. Liverpool based and a few months old. Inspire 2. S1000. P3A. Megabee cinewhoop.

Tony Lewis Photography - Website

SD Imaging - Scott Davey - Ashford, Kent - Website | Instagram - Based near Ashford in Kent, Work all over, 15 years as a motorsport photographer on average 180 events a year globally, changed direction. now into filming Docs, etc. M600 Pro Gremsy gimbals and Syncs plus all the small DJI drones. Making use of all camera platforms constantly. most of my effort is more Instagram

Birds I Images - Dave Palmer - Ipswich - Website - Hi I'm Dave and my business is . Based close to Ipswich in East Anglia I have over 100 hours of commercial flight experience, I have the knowledge and the kit to be able to take on most tasks. Some of my more specialised capabilities include indoor drone filming and FPV chase cameras. I also have another drone based business for events, if you or your clients ever have the need for something different for exhibitions or events then please check out

Callcott Group - Sam Callcott - Liverpool - Website - Based in Liverpool with national coverage, an Engineering Surveyor by trade. Use drones as an add-on tool to supplement the work done in the construction industry. (Inspections/surveys) Looking to expand skillset and take more work on.

Hedge-Hopper Films - John Bishop - Website - I've worked all over the world as a professional Theatre Lighting Designer on large scale opera, ballet and theatre shows. I moved to a wonderful old house in the Lake District 4 years ago and fell in love with the fascinating people and the beautiful mountains, lakes and scenery here. It didn't take me long to decide to use my professional photography skills to earn my income here in Cumbria and so created Hedge-Hopper Films to provide Aerial Photography, Filming, Inspection, 3d Modelling, Mapping & Post-Production services to businesses based in this part of the world. We like to collaborate and are happy to white label. 

CamFly Films - Serge Kouperschmidt - Website - French.TV Cameraman in France and over the world since 1988. In the UK for 20 years mainly IT and Videoproduction. PFCO in 2014. (PFAW at the time!) I specialise in surveys and inspections for the construction industry. Would love to do more aerial filming with I2/X7.

Calum Main - East Lothian - Facebook - I'm based in East Lothian (just outside Edinburgh) and I'm only just new to drones. Over the course of 9 months I've flown my first drone, got my PFCO, bought a Mavic2 Pro, and I'm now laying the groundwork for a new business but mostly trying to learn as much as I can. My background is in Agriculture and I feel that drones have a massive part to play in the future of food production. However, I love shooting videos of tractors, cattle, and all things countryfied and want to develop my photography and video skills. Setting up under Main Drones. Watch this space 👍

Air Bourne Drones - Pete Bourne - Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire - Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Pete & Charlie Bourne here of Air Bourne Drones Ltd based in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire. We specialise in designing and manufacturing protective cages for close proximity work. They are called Bumpcage and we think the very best cage you can get for the P4P and Mavic 2. Most of our flying hours are test work on the cages. Very rarely fly for money. For me (Pete) over 40 years experience in product development and test. Suddenly became a poet in 2015 following a brain injury.

Pesky Seagull Aerial Photography & Video - Chris Shaw - West Midlands - Facebook - based in West Midlands. Worked in aviation for 25 years so know a thing or two about airports. Enjoy doing the weddings but also surveys etc. Still putting website and show reels together!

EyeOnHigh - Mitch Holmes - Website - Roof inspection, property photography, weddings. WorkED with the Cornish Pirates to be the first pro rugby team in UK to integrate drone video into training.
Also probably the furthest West member here, 8 miles from Land's End in Cornwall.

Carl Simpson-Smith - Facebook - So I've held a PfCO for around 9 months. I decided to go for my PfCO as my day job (which I really don't enjoy that much any more) was looking like it was going to be made redundant. 
I have been at the same company for 20+ years so have no intention 
of leaving until they no longer need me, which may come soon, you never really know with the company I work for. Initially I was looking for another way to generate additional money whilst doing something that I love doing and are passionate about. I currently only use social media and have so far had three different jobs which has been by word of mouth. Looking in here is scary seeing the amount of experience in different fields you guys have, and I am now beginning to realise just how much I have to learn. I want to make more of a go of this and are attending a business development course this weekend to try and give me some pointers in the right direction. Work I have undertaken so far have been surveys to help with planning permission, but I have a few roof surveys to do when the weather picks up. That's my life story for now.

South Wales Drones - David Jones - Caerphilly - Website - South Wales Drones based near Caerphilly in South Wales. I do most usual drone stuff like photography and video (air and ground based) but I specialise in adventure sports as I'm also qualified professionally in many extreme sports e.g Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Mountaineering...etc Been doing a number of videos for companies operating in the adventure tourism sector as my knowledge helps especially on the safety side. Skills include FPV too

Copter Captures - James Window - Oxfordshire - Website - I’m based in Oxfordshire, have. 20+ years experience in construction- earthworks/civils/set out engineering. I focus on this in my drone ops and happily mix the two being self employed. 3rd year of PFCO - flying drones since the phantom 1

Midi Photography - Mike Dinsdale - Wigan - Website - Midi Photography based in Wigan, Greater Manchester., NW. Generally photography (little bit of video) of commercial property, construction, surveys and inspections. The aerial business is an added service for my architectural and interior photography business. I’d like to speak to anyone in the area that has experience of and would be interested as a camera operator when I’m videoing and observer for any work.

See Higher - Gerald McGivern - Northern Ireland - Website - Hi, based in Northern Ireland, into my 7th year multirotor & fixed wing PfCO, fly survey missions for a number of Surveyors, roof/building including thermal, video for film/documentary makers including some work for the BBC, happy to white box or assist anyone undertaking work in this part of the world.

Esprit Drone Services - Andy Betts - West Kent - Website - Ex flying instructor, 20 years press card carrying photographer and 2 years PfCO holder with I2/X4s and Mavic Pro. Aerial work is mainly construction and car related so far. Also camera op with lots of kits, Sony FS5/FS7 and all audio equipment plus lots of live streaming kit/experience for bands and sports teams etc. Based in West Kent but worked all over the UK.

Above Horizon Photography - Alex Christofides - Bristol/South West - Website - Based in Bristol covering South West, specialise in mapping, building/roof inspections and 3D modelling, 3 years operating, also do ground based photography, virtual tours.

Alan Cross - Worthing, West Sussex - Website - Hi I’m based in Worthing, West Sussex and do all kinds of Photography, Property Shoots, Aerial Images and Videography. Happy to work with other operators, White Label, or basic spotting duties. My blog covers some of what I do on my website

Alex Franklin - Seaford - Facebook - F4 Flight Film Survey here. Based in Seaford, very use to travelling 20 years stills and some film experience had PFCO since September made some exhibition films looking at all aspects of the drone gamut as well as the pretty stuff.

Mekdem - Ezra Hinds - Website - Hi looking to break into Film and TV as a director and DOP while growing a video production company. I just picked up a Sony FS5 after all of the hard work over the last year and in the meantime, corporate events and the general real estate drone work is paying the bills. I also have something coming that hopefully everyone will utilise but you will hear more about that soon.

Nicholas Spence - DorsetFacebook - Hi based in Dorset on the South Coast, Inspire 2, P4 Pro V2.0, also Sense Fly Albris 38mp camera for inspections, can point direct up or below and anywhere in between can do surveys, mapping, 3D etc also has thermal. We are also the UK Distributor for the Splashdrone 3+ 100% waterproof drone and 100% waterproof 4k camera.

Kingfisher Aps - Adam Bailey - London - Website - Hi, based in London. Specialist drone surveys (visual and photogrammetry) property, construction & infastructure since 2013.

Stef's Photography and Drone Services - Stef Van Vuuren - Netley Abbey, Southampton - Website - Hi based in Netley Abbey, Southampton. I have a P620 handheld thermal camera, M210 V2 with Z30 zoom, XT2 and X4S as well as M2P. I'm a trained Thermographer and do photography and started doing videos as well.

Skyline Pictures - Kevin Clarke - Derby - Website - I’m Kevin of Skyline Pictures based in Derby but cover far & wide including a 4 day shoot on the East coast last Summer. We fly Inspire2 and Mavic Pro 1 & 2. Background is ex pro photographer - so, like most here, love the unique view from above.My other much bigger, long standing business is web development. We are not one of the later bandwagon brigade - we’ve been in the game since the 90’s - we even host for a couple of drone operators. We have done a number of white label jobs for other guys over the past few years. 
Our own clients include architects, councils and business owners. We have also done some tv work - our best being for National Geographic. I plan this year to do lots more nighttime / cityscape photography for stock.

Allan Akers - Staffordshire, West MidlandsYouTube | Instagram | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter | Email | Google Reviews

    Drone desk - WebsiteYouTube | LinkedIn | Trustpilot Reviews 

    UAV Hub - Website

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